Programm/Veranstaltungen 2019

Offene Ateliers zum Naturmarkt am 01. September 2019

Anne Kern, Schöne Aussicht 14, 01829 Stadt Wehlen, geöffnet von 14-18 Uhr, Tel: 0160 7501302

Bernd Fenk, Pirnaer Str. 21, 01829 Dorf Wehlen, geöffnet von 14-18 Uhr, Tel: 0151 19694966,

Heidrun Müller, Hausberg 1, 01829 Stadt Wehlen, geöffnet von 14-18 Uhr  Tel: 0171 6750209

Christopher H. Simpson ?

Dirk Großer ?




Laboratorium at Torhaus Wehlen, Karl Marx Platz 1, 01829 Stadt W.

OUTSIDEININSIDEOUTINSIDEOUTOUTSIDEIN is an artist-run series of thematic & explorative happenings, performances, site-specific audio & visual installations, and a platform of Knowledge exchanges.
We hereby invite you to join our one day & one night event located at the Torhaus Wehlen Gallery, as well as its astounding nature of the National Park Saxon Switzerland.

The day program will be a guided group walk inside the forest for site-specific installations and performances. Following the night program inside the three stories gallery space, we will present diverse-format of exhibitions, including new-media installation, paintings, sound art,
and experimental music concert.

Laboratory Artists – experimentalists whom developed their works on site prior the event
Aloïs Yang (FR/TW) – site-specific sound art
Al Yakubouskaya – performance art
Dirk Grosser (DE) – visual installation/performance
Iana Koroleva (RU) – site-specific sound art
Ivan Nevzorov (RU) – site specific performance
Lita Poliakova (DE/RU) – painting                                                          Mad Zin (TW) – sound art
Maxime Gordon (CA) – experimental music concert
Misha Badasyan (DE/AR) – performance art
Polina Khatenko (CZ/BY) – sound art installation

Invited Artists – contributors of the event
Kink Gong (FR) – experimental music concert
Johannes Deimling (DE) – site specific performance
Valeda (CA) – experimental music concert
Ling Nguyen (CZ) – ambient live set
Rabota (DE/RU) – live-streaming installation/performance

Laboratory: 25.07.2019- 02.08.2019

Show: 03.08.2019/ 3pm.